Bitrix24 CRM : Sales Intelligence

Bitrix24 CRM : Sales Intelligence

Sales Intelligence helps to evaluate which marketing channel works the best and worth money spent.

Sales Intelligence main features :
  • Helps you understand how much money is spent on attracting one customer.
  • You can add the information about the efficiency of each marketing channel to one report.
  • Helps you to administrate the marketing budget.
  • You can view the full client path.

Bitrix24 CRM : Sales Intelligence Helps you to administrate the marketing budget.

Here's a list of such tools available in Bitrix24 :

Contact Center

Communication channels are grouped in the "Contact Center" section. All the information obtained during communication with potential clients is automatically added to CRM.

CRM : 

Add new deals, create invoices, etc. All the information about clients and the communication history is stored in this section.

CRM Marketing : 

In the CRM Marketing section, you can divide your customer base into segments and start different marketing campaigns for each segment. 

CRM Analytics :

Use reports to find weak points in your company's sales processes. CRM Analytics evaluates the efficiency of managers and shows on which deal stage you lose your clients.

Bitrix24 CRM : Sales Intelligence