This special feature removed from Facebook Messenger

News : Facebook Messenger is actually created by Facebook. Now a special feature has been removed from it. Due to this feature, people could create an account only from their mobile number. But now this will not happen, now you must have a major Facebook account to use Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger 1

A statement has been released from the Facebook company. In this, he has said that we have done this to simplify Facebook Messenger. Older users of Facebook Messenger will not have any problem with this. They will be able to use it as before.

Facebook Messenger 2

Will not be able to create new accounts with the help of mobile number only. We can also say that this is a good move. Because Facebook is a famous website. And, many people continue to use it in wrong ways as well.

Along with this, the Facebook company is also going to introduce cross platform messaging facilities on Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram in the coming time.

This special feature removed from Facebook Messenger