Advice to avoid fraud on Google Pay

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Tips : Google Pay has urged its users not to share their personal information like PIN, OTP, debit card details, email etc. with anyone else. Overall Google Pay has issued a good advice, with the help of which users can avoid fraud.

Advice to avoid fraud on Google Pay full

Actually, there have been many cases of fraud on Google Pay. Many times people have lost huge amount due to this. Well, all this happens due to incomplete information. If you take care, and know all its rules, then you will never have any problem.

Significantly, Google Pay has been developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). Keep in mind that your PIN is required only for sending money. There is no PIN to receive money. If someone asks you to reveal a PIN, it means that someone wants to cheat on you. Therefore, the PIN of the app needs to be protected the most.

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