How to easily setup Hotspot on your smartphone

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Mobile hotspot or Wi-Fi hotspot has become a necessity these days. This can come in handy while using the Internet on your laptop, or for your friends and family. Well the hotspot feature is available on most smartphones these days, and I'm telling you how to set it up.

However, Android smartphone settings can be easily used. Now open the Settings app on your phone. See "Connection and other network settings", and tap on it. Next, tap on the portable hotspot or mobile hotspot.

How to easily setup Hotspot on your smartphone FULL

Here, setup the hotspot settings. The name and password of your Wi-Fi hotspot is that. Which will allow you to connect to another device. You must try to keep a difficult password, so that not everyone can connect to your phone. Similarly, you can also use the hotspot to connect to your laptop.

Another thing to keep in mind is that using more hotspots leads to higher battery consumption of the smartphone. Therefore, it should be used only when needed.

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