News: Amazon and Google are the two largest players in the digital advertising industry in the world. They are the leaders in the Internet, ranging from billions of dollars of sales a year.

Significantly, the number of employees working for the four major US tech companies Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook does not exceed 1 million worldwide. Data from the US Exchange Commission shows that in the past five years, the number of employees working in companies has increased by 35 times.

Job prospects are increasing in companies like Facebook and Amazon full

The rapid growth is the expansion of business of technology companies as well as data security. However, increasing labor costs may reduce occupational performance.

Facebook has seen the highest growth rate in the last five years, while employing 52 times more people. A large part of the additional staff has been tasked with monitoring the fraud taking place on social media.

Apple has recently announced a $25 billion plan. According to a real estate company in Silicon Valley, Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft have seen the highest growth. Overall there has been a three-fold increase from six years ago.