MomentCam App Review, Learn its features

Today I am telling you about an Android app MomentCam. As its name suggests, you can make your own photos in the form of cartoons and stickers. This is a good concept. I enjoyed it But, the user interface of its app is very difficult. It needs to be good. I mean, the simpler the UI of the app is, the better it is. There is no need for the useless feature. And there is no need to update force also.

MomentCam App Review, Learn its features 1

If the app is good, doing good work, then let it run. Well they mess up the app due to the update. Well, I have put my point before you. Actually, this app was running well, but its size is bigger with the new update, it seemed that it is also using more RAM.

MomentCam App Review, Learn its features 2

I remember when I used this app a year ago, it was not that bad so far. As it is today, it was actually very good at first. Sometimes it looks like a joke to me. After being a good app, there has been a flaw in it due to the update. It has a lot of good design, but the app needs to be done right now. One more thing, there are very limited options. It was not like that before, I definitely think it will be fixed. I just wish that new options were available very soon.

One thing is that the edited photos of this app are very cute. There are many people like me who say they like the old interface more. Because, it was easy to access the app and edit photos in it. It takes a lot of time to create our own avatar.

MomentCam App Review, Learn its features 3

This consumes time, it also feels like an app takes longer. And, who would like more loading time anyway. If the design is not made as before, I think the app should be simplified. So, I had it all in my mind, which I have put before you.

MomentCam App Review, Learn its features