Bolo Indya app to recruit on many posts

News : Bolo Indya to recruit on many posts

CEO and Founder of Bolo Indya, Varun Saxena has said that it is unfortunate for Indian talent to be unemployed with the Chinese app ban in India. The Indians working in these companies are quite talented. We want to be a part of our journey by including some of them in our team. The company will recruit for several positions including Business Development, User Engagement, Product Management, Community Management, Content Strategy, Content Moderation Function. Apart from this, there will also be appointments to the posts of Vice President and Assistant Vice President to enhance the leadership team. Speak App was launched in May 2019. The company claims that it has 6.8 million active monthly users in India.

Bolo Indya app to recruit on many posts. The company will recruit for several positions.

Significantly, ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok and Helo Apps, has completely closed its Indian business. This left thousands of people unemployed. Now Indian Stortops are coming forward to help them. Companies such as Bolo Indya and Chingari have expressed a desire to include some employees in their team.

The short video platform Chingari also said that, it will hire some people affected by job cuts. Aditya Kothari, the co-founder of Chingari, said that Indians have the ability to perform miracles. Right now our priority is the Indian market, and in the future we will expand our business. He said that this retrenchment is very unfortunate. No company wishes to do this to employee. We will hire some people fired from ByteDance.

TikTok was the world's most downloaded app in 2020, with 85 million, according to data from app analytics firm Aptia. It was followed by WhatsApp with 60 million downloads and Facebook with 54 million downloads. Following the clash of Indo-China troops in Galvan, the government on June 29 banned 59 Chinese apps, including TikTok.