Silicon Valley-based Valtix raises $12.5M for Network Security

Silicon Valley-based Valtix raises $12.5M for Network Security

Business/Technology : Silicon Valley-based Valtix has closed a $12.5 million strategic funding round from Cisco Investments, Northgate Capital and The Syndicate Group to help push its cloud-native network security platform further into the market.

Agriculture technology startup Bear Flag Robotics raised $7.9 million in a seed round extension led by True Ventures. The Sunnyvale, California-based company develops autonomous technology for farm tractors.

Wattpad, an online social storytelling platform, announced that it will be acquired by South Korea’s Naver in a cash and stock transaction valued at over $600 million. Founded in 2006, Toronto-based Wattpad previously raised $118 million in known venture funding.

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Network means being connected, ie being connected.
In IT, a network is a group of two or more computers (nodes) that are connected to each other by communication paths. These communication paths can be wireless or wired. Users can share data, files and devices through the network. Communication cannot happen without a network.

Network security is a process by which a network is protected from unauthorized access (access without permission), hacking and daniel of service attack (DOD), viruses, worms etc. Network security is not implemented by everyone, it requires experts. To increase network security in a network, we should monitor the network, use software and hardware components. Such as firewall, antivirus software, IDS etc.

Today, we have become dependent on a few small big basic facilities through internet on computer or mobile. As we have started filling the electricity bills through the Internet, many transactions in the bank are also done through the Internet. We send many essential e-mails via mobile and computer through internet, apart from this, we also send our family and personal photos on social platforms, like facebook and whatsaap. We keep exchanging many more data through the Internet. So that's why Cyber ​​Security becomes even more important for us to avoid Cyber or Network ​​threats.