Splashtop bags $50M for remote access

Splashtop bags $50M for remote access. We use some special software for remote access.

Technology : Splashtop, a provider of remote access tools for businesses, closed a $50 million funding round at a valuation of more than $1 billion. Sapphire Ventures led the financing for the San Jose-based company, which has seen surging demand with the rise in remote work this past year.

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We use some special software for remote access. When used without internet, we can use it only on the computer of the local network, in this we can get the desktop of any other PC available in the network from a PC, and the file and print services of that computer are exactly the same. Type can be used, as we do on PC. We need it when our network is spread over a large space.
  • Print Services: Print Services
  • Data Sharing: Data Sharing
  • Resource Sharing: Resource Sharing
  • Application Sharing: Application Sharing
For some reason, accessing your PC from a remote PC on a network, accessing any PC from another PC on the network is called remote access. This is a modern form of data sharing. We can break the boundaries of local network using remote access and internet, and can access our PC from anywhere in the world. For this, we need internet, and the other PC needs to be connected to the modem, on which dialing can be made at any time.

Network components

A network is a combination in which each component has its own important role. The network running between many computers also verifies the basic definition of the computer system, it is fully successful only when it works by mixing various components, and is able to meet its goal. It has components like networked Ethernet card, cable, connectors and hub router etc. They have their own special settings, which depend on the accompanying component.